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"We were working against the clock to get our major client's initiative on the Washington State ballot. The Committee was sued over the Ballot Title and Summary - a typical opponent strategy, but one that can ruin campaign timing and budget. Dick Stephens and his firm were efficient and ready to make our case in a short amount of time. Stephens & Klinge were masterful in their arguments. When we walked out of the court that day we won what we needed and the clock was still working for us. I can't recommend them enough.“
        - Sharon Gilpin 
        The Gilpin Group

“Due to a dispute with the federal government regarding our mining claims, we were left on our own to handle a seeming impossible burden. I was properly guided to the firm of Stephens & Klinge, and they saw the injustice. They took upon the overwhelming task to battle for the truth. Their knowledge in such matters is outstanding, hinged with the concern for the real people involved." 

        - Ted Simonson, President

          Reoforce, Inc.

"Stephens & Klinge LLP has provided excellent counsel to the Washington Farm Bureau over the years. Whether in the courtroom, pre-trial negotiations, or draft legislation we have been well served by the firm. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of sound legal advice."

          - John Stuhlmiller, CEO

            Washington Farm Bureau

"We have had an excellent working relationship with Stephens & Klinge, LLP.  We have had the opportunity to work closely as expert witness and land use/permit research support on several “bright line”/landmark cases (i.e. Westmark v. Burien, East Sammamish Trail, Kitsap Homebuilders v. Bainbridge Island). We have also served on joint professional teams related to land use "takings" and design issues, serving small owners to large corporations and citizen groups.   We have had the good fortune to work with many outstanding law firms, Stephens & Klinge, LLP has always been one of our very best relationships.

- Robert "Bob" Thorpe, President 

  R.W. Thorpe and Associates


"We are more than grateful for the assistance we received from S&K, and specifically Dick Stephens, over a three-year period in helping us navigate the minefields of municipal malfeasance with respect to the city’s overcharging utility customers and misusing their monies. As a result of S&K’s guidance, despite the odds, we have some significant wins, including a 69% rate reduction. During the entire process, our attorney was always available and responsive when needed. We also particularly appreciated Dick’s willingness to work with us, accepting that we were highly informed clients who had essential knowledge and personal expertise to add to the mix. We’d enlisted S&K’s help early on in the process and they never let us down throughout the time when, with limited resources, we literally took on city hall. Due to our positive experience, we wouldn't hesitate to turn to them again."

          - Sally Adams

            Bainbridge Island

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